Front cover of book Downsizing made simple

Downsizing Made Simple

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When you’ve lived your dreams, it’s time for new ones. The 4-bed, 2-bath home you loved … the pool you couldn’t get the kids out of … they’ve had their day.

Downsizing isn’t about living in a tiny home — unless you want to — it’s not about square metres; it’s about rightsizing your home for the next chapter in life. It’s time to make a move that takes care of you now and for the future.

Let Noel and Rachel guide you through the legal and financial maze, explain how a move can affect your lifestyle, superannuation, pension and benefits, and share some real life stories from readers.

Whether you’re moving to a townhouse or apartment in a strata development, considering a granny flat, tiny house or mod pod with family, looking at co-housing with lifelong friends, or making the move to a retirement community, listen to the experts, and make it a successful move.

Front cover of book Aged Care Who Cares

Aged Care Who Cares Third Edition

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Aged Care Who Cares? is the definitive book to the vast range of options available to senior Australians today. Whatever your financial status, current state of health or future hopes and plans, you’ll find down-to-earth advice to help you make the best choices for your senior years about aged care in Australia.

Want to stay in your own home but need some extra care? What does it really mean to live in a retirement village? Or an aged care home? What are all those fees and charges in the aged care prospectus? Should you sell the family home or not? The answers to these questions and many more are explained in an easy-to-read style that makes this the “must-read” handbook on aged care in Australia.

The book is divided into five broad sections covering care in the home; retirement villages; aged care facilities; financial strategies for planning and coping with all the options; and finally a unique section covering all the resources and information you can access to help you with your choices.

About the Authors

Rachel Lane

Rachel is the Principal of Aged Care Gurus, where she oversees a national network of advisers dedicated to providing quality advice on Retirement Living and Aged Care.

Rachel holds a Masters in Financial Planning and has been working in financial services for over 20 years – specialising in retirement living and aged care for most of that time. She writes a regular column for Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers.

Noel Whittaker

Noel is one of Australia’s most respected financial advisers and best-selling authors. He is a pioneer in the field of consumer education and is the author of 20 books including the international best seller Making Money Made Simple.

He writes weekly columns in many major Australian newspapers, and also makes regular appearances on radio and television.