Rise of the ‘gran bank’: The hidden cost of helping grandkids buy a home

There’s been much discussion about the “bank of mum and dad” aiding first-time homebuyers. However, another often overlooked yet crucial group is also stepping up: grandparents. This so-called “gran bank” tends to support by acting as guarantors for loans rather than providing cash directly, thereby enhancing the borrowing capabilities of their grandchildren. Despite not parting […]

The biggest factor affecting happiness in later life: Aging parents

  What’s the biggest factor impacting happiness in later life? According to Brian Herd, author of The Ageing Parent Trap, it’s not our health, the state of our marriage, or even the question do I have enough money to live on in retirement .. the biggest factor is your parents. Having worked in elder law […]

Expert advice when it comes to moving family into aged care

Senior lady with flowers

    Making the transition to aged care for a family member is undeniably one of the most challenging decisions you’ll face. Beyond the significant emotional journey, the financial implications can seem overwhelming. The good news is, selling the family home isn’t the only path forward. Whether opting for in-home care services or considering a […]

Rachel Lane examines the Aged Care Taskforce Recommendations

Register here for the Aged Care Taskforce Recommendations Webinar on 26 March. In a significant development for Australia’s aged care sector, the Aged Care Taskforce recently unveiled its Final Report, comprising 23 recommendations aimed at reshaping the fees and funding arrangements governing aged care. While there has been a lot of coverage of the official […]

Five costly aged care mistakes and how to avoid them

When it comes to aged care decisions, mistakes can come at a high price emotionally and financially. Here are the most common mistakes and how to avoid to them.   Planning ahead for your aged care needs can save you money down the track.   Assuming an aged care home will be more affordable than […]

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