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Making the transition to aged care for a family member is undeniably one of the most challenging decisions you’ll face. Beyond the significant emotional journey, the financial implications can seem overwhelming. The good news is, selling the family home isn’t the only path forward. Whether opting for in-home care services or considering a move to a residential aged care facility, there are options that can suit your family’s needs and financial situation.


Seek advice from an expert

Navigating these financial waters requires expertise. This is where the guidance of a specialist financial adviser becomes invaluable; professionals who specialise in retirement living and aged care financial planning can offer strategies to manage costs effectively, while ensuring your loved ones receive the care they deserve. They can provide clarity on how to leverage assets, maximise government entitlements, and choose the best care option without unnecessary financial strain.

Moreover, with aged care costs set to rise on 1 July 2024, timing your decision could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. For those considering a move to a residential aged care facility, taking steps before the end of the current financial year could be advantageous. It’s not just about finding the right care option, but also about when to make the move to maximise your financial resources.

At Aged Care Gurus, we understand the complexity of these decisions. Our network of Retirement Living and Aged Care Specialist Financial Advisers is here to support you. By seeking expert advice, you can navigate the aged care journey with confidence, knowing you’ve made informed decisions that safeguard your loved one’s comfort and dignity while protecting their financial health.

Finding the right adviser is just a click away. Visit our website to find an adviser near you who can tailor advice to your unique situation, ensuring peace of mind during this significant life transition.



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